Are you feeling tired, irritable, stressed out?

…about government and the state of democracy? Well, you might consider Voter|RX® (known in its generic form as Voting). Voting is shown to relieve the painful symptoms of E.D. (Electile DysfunctionI), Civic Constipation, Cynicism, Hopelessness, Persistent Apathy, Do-nothing Smugness - a whole list of real and humorous ailments afflicting many today.

Voting is shown to be good for your health and well-being. Taking an active role in your community, local politics, and issues that impact you, your loved ones, and fellow citizens on the national, state and local level is correlated with positive health outcomes and in some cases relief from your moderate to severe F#%! ITS. For a healthy, vibrant democracy, "ask your doctor if voting is right for you.”

Voter|RX® can help.